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hiii! :* my name is rex & i'm an autistic bisexy nonbinary girl-thing recently coming back to the yesterweb. i grew up in the y2k era of internet and spent most of my time on neopets, deviantart and a LOT of different forums. i had yahoo! messenger and MSN messenger before i had my own cellphone and used them to communicate with my small internet circle

neopets was my very first experience with html & coding in general. i saw that other users werent just playing with their pets, they were also weaving entirely new worlds with code, graphics, art, and music. i was so inspired by this discovery that i started coding my own pages! everything i created in that era of my life is sadly long gone, or i'd be sharing it here

in recent years i've seen people returning to this form of internet, away from the mainstream, ad-riddled new web. i put off doing the same, though. it was so long since i even touched code, and i felt too busy with work and school that i didnt see making a website as a possibility

as you can tell, i finally said f*** it and now i'm working on my site during work shifts lmao. anyway enjoy ur time here. all i ask is u keep an open mind & heart and don't be a loser!! xoxo


discovering & sharing music
horror, creepy stuff
art history
software puppetry
goth culture
old pc games


italian food
cringe culture
loud noises (excluding music)
shock humor

interests & hobbies

making art
survival horror games
collecting old stuff
making music
sound design & mixing
unexplained mysteries

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WARNING to ableists, transphobes, biphobes & panphobes, fatphobes, radfems, people mean to kids, animal abusers, passive aggressors, media elitists, people who preach without practicing tolerance... you are not welcome in my space.

if u discriminate against people with "scary" mental disorders there's the door!! disorders do not make people abusive please educate yourself and stop the stigmatization