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★ 6/26/2022 ★

NEW STUFF: update log, revamped creations, collections actually has stuff in it now.

now that i've updated the site a satisfactory amount, updates during this upcoming month will be slow to non-existent, because i'll be participating in Art Fight! check it out if you haven't yet.

★ 6/13/2022 ★

a lot of tweaks & cleanup!

★ 5/31/2022 ★

life has been keeping me busy! x_x; but i'm determined to get sh*t done this summer. if you head over to the progress page you'll see what I have planned!

★ 5/2/2022 ★

the music section (AKA CD player) is up! still a work in progress but i think it looks fine for now.

★ 4/26/2022 ★

i've made my own animated background for the homepage, changed some navigation things around...

★ 4/5/2022 ★

did some more decorating, added a cbox~

★ 4/3/2022 ★

site development is slow-going, i've been busy out of my mind IRL, but slow progress is better than no progress! there is now a sitemap!

★ 3/24/2022 ★

about page, creations, and shrines are all a go! there's nothing in them yet but it's a start! also plan on making a collections page for various things i've collected on and off the internet. and then maybe i'll have a page solely for things i plan to do with the site. thrilling!!