some minor updates regarding site navigation & so on. :)


happy spring! life has been getting better in some ways, not so much in others, but i'd say there's been an overall improvement. i actually felt motivated to work on more than one page of my site, if that's any indication.


back kind of! starting to work on pages now, I hope. I don't have much else to say.


in case you're a follower of my site and are confused about the drastic changes, i decided to give my site an overhaul. not for any major reason. i just found that the original layout was getting really tedious to keep up with, and i wanted something cleaner to work with.

besides that, i was really craving for a layout that would allow me to focus more on the content of my site than the appearance/workings and wouldn't feel like such a chore. apart from that, the whole starry purple design, while i love it, feels like something i've started to drift away from internally. this new design feels much more comfortable and personal to me. ♥

don't worry, I archived the previous layout in case anyone misses/missed it!